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We’ve built a technology platform that empowers our agents with more information, so they can serve their clients more effectively. We’ve also created an environment where teams want to share information with one another, giving clients more properties to choose from. Ultimately, real estate is about people, and the people that have joined share in the belief of helping first, selling second.

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With a wealth of mobile tools, accessing your property database on the go has never been easier. It allows you to be more responsive and efficient when communicating with your clients.

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Our philosophy is simple – you should enjoy significantly higher income, while still benefiting from a strong database, many clients, marketing and dedicated support. We achieve this by investing in our people and in great technology to empower you. We know Real Estate Professionals work hard, and at, you are rewarded for it.

We keep our career path deliberately simple. Whether you are new to the industry, an experienced professional, or looking to build a team, our commission rates start at 2x what you will find elsewhere.

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With an attractive base salary, our commissions start at 20% then move straight to 35% after basic goals are reached. Most agencies make it almost impossible to reach these commission levels. We want you to earn more.


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With 50% commissions, you're not an employee, you’re a partner. Over 80% of our agents choose this option because they earn even more while benefiting from identical access to the same database, tools, support and clients.


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Leadership is what drives success, and we reward leadership more than any agency in the market. Team overrides start at 5% and progressing as high as 20% ensures you’re rewarded for building a great team.

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In your agency, do other agents work with your clients? That may be good for the company but it’s frustrating for you. At, your active clients work exclusively with you so that you can offer 100% service and not compete with your colleagues.

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Our proprietary technology and database are fully mobile and give you access wherever you are 24x7. Featuring a wealth of mobile tools to help you respond to your clients faster and get new properties to them first, so they don't miss out.


Our Client Service team help you find new property listings, prepare marketing letters, arrange transportation and many other services. And we provide you with a transportation allowance. We do this so that you can focus more of your time with your clients.

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Changing the property industry one agent at a time

  • Manager Louise Garnaut does not stop at finding the perfect home for her clients: she is equally committed to helping families joined together by adoption or fostering rediscover the meaning of “home”.Since 2013, she has served as Chairperson at the Adoptive Families of Hong Kong (AFHK), a non-profit volunteer-run charitable organisation made up of people connected by the common experience of adoption or fostering. Below, she talks to about her personal experience with adoption, the challenges she faces in her role, and the changes she hopes to see in What inspired you to get involved with AFHK?Louise: When I’m experiencing a challenge or an unfamiliar situation, my natural inclination is to look for support. So, when I adopted my son, I wanted to connect with a like-minded community, especially since we’re an interracial family that has been joined together by adoption. I also wanted to educate myself about how adoption impacts a child of a different race.Since joining AFHK as a member in 2008, I’ve learned a lot more about what it can be like for children who have come from difficult circumstances. Children arrive at adoption due to loss. They lose a family or a culture, before they gain a new family. On the other hand, adoptive parents arrive at adoption with a gain. My journey over the past decade since we came together as a family has been full of surprises and What are some challenges you face in your role?Louise: Finding a balance between my responsibilities at AFHK, my busy schedule as a property agent, and as a mother of two. Because we’re an all-volunteer organisation, it can be difficult to manage people’s expectations. People have high expectations of what we should be doing and we are a small group of volunteers trying to make a difference to the community through regular family events, monthly discussions, film nights, talks and professional conferences—all on a tight budget. And with people coming and going as they always do in Hong Kong, finding volunteers is that much harder.Being relatively reserved, many local families are reluctant to talk about adoption, which can cause problems. We also want to recruit more volunteers to work at a community level, within both English and Cantonese-speaking communities.Thankfully, we have a great backend system that was specifically designed for NGOs, which has been very helpful in running AFHK. I’m fortunate enough to also have a great backend system and database at, which has allowed me to serve my clients from home when needed, and to be highly productive with my time. This gives me more time with my family, and to be active with How do you manage to stay on top of work, and your role at AFHK?Louise: I work with a team in both places, so there are people to call on when help is needed. When I’m unable to attend AFHK events, someone will always stand in for me. As a property agent, when you are working on a sale, no one goes home until the documents are signed, so I have to build flexibility into my commitments. Fortunately, we have great team spirit at, with team members who proactively offer to help when they know I’m in a tight spot. Knowing that there are others on whom I can rely on helps me stay on top of my various How does the AFHK fill existing adoption-related social service gaps? Louise: We work with both local and international families through education and providing information that can help parents and professionals in the community understand the difficulties of children who’ve had a less smooth start in life. We support adoptive and foster parents who are facing situations that are more difficult than anticipated, and we also help families and professionals to connect with each What kind of change would you like to bring about?Louise: As an interracial family, people often stare at us—I’ve even had a woman ask me how much I paid for my son. The staring questions the validity of us as a family, my validity as a mother to my son, and my son’s place in the family. The situation is improving, and I hope to see adoption understood and accepted unquestionably in Hong Kong, and, within the local community, greater support and acceptance for people touched by adoption or by foster care. There’s more to every agent than meets the eye. Click here to keep up with our multi-talented team.

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  • saw tremendous growth in 2017: in addition to welcoming many new property agents, the company had a record year, including many real estate transactions on Hong Kong luxury properties HK$50 million and above. Here are some insights on what led to this success (and a few of last year’s challenges) from our own leading ladies, Lily Wong, Hiroko Byrne, Andrea Ott and Belinda Woo:Strong Presence in the Luxury Director (Residential Division) Lily Wong, who has been a brand-building presence in the Hong Kong luxury property market since joining, was the top-performing real estate agent at the company last year, completing several luxury property sales in the HK$50 to HK$150 million range, in addition to many other luxury sales and leases.Lily attributes her success to an inspiring work environment, mutual trust, and a management team that does not micro-manage its employees: “If it’s clear that you care about your clients and work with integrity, they trust you to help clients as you see fit. This creates a comfortable and positive environment that allows you to focus on your work and clients.”Changing GearsTransitioning from her own boutique relocation firm, to sales and leasing beyond corporate relocation at in mid-2016, Senior Manager Hiroko Byrne devoted additional energy and resources to promoting her team to her predominantly Japanese client base. Her efforts paid off in 2017 as her team expanded and began generating significant revenue.Director (Residential Division) Andrea Ott recalls her first HK$50 million transaction and the challenges she overcame to make it happen, including going a week without sleep to fit a second viewing and a feng shui meeting for a Stubbs Road apartment into a 12-hour window: “The old tenant had just moved out, and the new tenant was moving in the next day. What made the process even more difficult was convincing the landlord that I had a sincere buyer after he was inundated by sales calls from other agents. When we finally signed the deal, it was like the stars aligned!”Continuous ImprovementAlthough all four team leaders have distinct leadership styles and personalities, they are equally committed to ensuring the success of their teams.Hiroko spent 2017 laying important groundwork for her team. “Real estate is the kind of profession you can do all your life. I want everyone on my team to feel like they are building careers for the long term”, says Hiroko, who is in her 70s and “still very passionate about the business”.Meanwhile, Belinda Woo, Director (Residential Division), showed appreciation for the company’s open management style, which has enabled her to learn new ways to improve her leadership skills, to develop great relationships with her team members and to foster success at even higher levels.And Andrea, who had an “extraordinary” 2017, describes seeing almost everyone on her team surpass their personal goals (some by a lot!) as a “rewarding” experience. “2018 will be our ‘Year of the Team’. Having now built a team of over 20 great professionals, I want to focus on helping each person to advance one, or two, tiers above where they are now”.Reaching New HeightsIn the coming year, all four team leaders have set their sights on growing the ever-expanding family. On top of that, Lily, who is known for treating her clients as though they are her friends, would like to take full advantage of’s technology in following up on quieter clients to see what she can do for them, rather than waiting until she has extra time on her hands, which rarely happens.Belinda says she simply cannot wait for even more high-calibre property agents who are committed to making a lifelong career in real estate to join, while Andrea has high confidence that “we’re going to stand out even more in Hong Kong real estate”. “It’s going to be fantastic!”, she says.Are you the high-calibre property agent we’re looking for? Drop us a line—we’d love to hear from you!

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  • Hong Kong property agents are spoilt for choice when it comes to technology: for many property agents, map-reading, calculator prodding, scouring newspapers for Hong Kong apartments for rent and the latest property prices, and carrying around stacks of paperwork, are things of the past. We asked our agents what their favourite apps and tools are for navigating the Hong Kong property scene, and here’s what they said:Know Your Way AroundPublic bus service providersMany Hong Kong properties, such as those in Stanley and Sai Kung, are not accessible by train, but can usually be reached by bus. Hong Kong’s largest public bus service providers—Citybus and New World First Bus, and the Kowloon Motor Bus Company—each has an app that comes with route details, timetables, and more.CitybusNWFB: App Store / Google PlayApp 1933 - KMB ‧ LWB: App Store / Google PlayHKeTransportAlthough this government-owned app claims to be a “one-stop service” for planning journeys on multiple forms of public transport, including trains, ferries and buses on Ma Wan and Discovery Bay [], it is best used for looking up green minibuses: Hong Kong homes that are neither accessible by larger buses nor by the MTR can most likely be reached by these public vehicles.App Store / Google PlayMTR MobileIf you’re pressed for time between viewings, travelling by the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is probably your best bet. The MTR is almost always on schedule, and hardly ever congested. Use its app to estimate journey times and identify the correct station exit for your destination.App Store / Google PlayFly Taxi–HKTaxi Booking AppYour team member beat you to booking the company car. Do you Uber, or cab it? If you’re not picky, you might want to opt for Hong Kong taxis: they’re cheaper, more abundant, and can also be booked on an app. Fly Taxi enables you to hire a cab right away, or a day in advance—just make sure you select the correct option.App Store / Google PlayHong Kong Taxi TranslatorIf you’re a Hong Kong property agent who doesn’t speak Chinese, you’ll love this app: it translates English addresses into Chinese and displays them in the format of a flashcard that you can show your taxi driver.App Store / Google PlayGoogle MapsAs the property agent’s go-to app, Google Maps is especially useful for planning viewing schedules and familiarising yourself with various locations.App Store / Google PlayKnow Your ProductTITAN (exclusive to property agents)Developed exclusively for property agents, the company’s proprietary mobile database, “TITAN”, empowers agents to access, gather, update, personalise and share information with clients and landlords wherever they are. Agents can add properties and schedule viewings on-the-go, which gives them greater control over their own schedules. TITAN is one of the reasons’s website is so comprehensive and accurate (i.e. not littered with stale listings). Talk to us if you’re an experienced property agent who is tired of the way traditional Hong Kong property agencies are run, and wants to explore the advantages of using a modern platform for you and your clients.PortalsProperty portals, such as Spacious, GoHome and Squarefoot, help aggregate listings from multiple agencies. However, many of the agencies that send listings to portals send old listings to attract clients, which is something that the portals cannot control—so expect to experience some disappointment.Spacious: App Store / Google PlayGoHome: App Store / Google PlaySquarefoot: App Store / Google PlayXE CurrencyIf you work with many expat clients, speak your clients’ language with the help of this currency conversion app. It’s especially helpful for people new to Hong Kong, and helping clients think in terms that are familiar to them will, in turn, help you differentiate yourself from your competition.App Store / Google PlayGet Things DoneEvernote ScannableWhether you’re at a signing, handover or working from home, Evernote Scannable allows you to scan documents, save and share them.App StoreSignNowSignNow allows users to sign documents electronically on their phones, so you can work closely and more efficiently with your clients, wherever they are.App Store / Google PlayPut Yourself Out ThereInstagramMany agents use Facebook to promote themselves or their properties, but relatively few use Instagram effectively for their business. This may be because Instagram is more about branding, and less about “selling”. But, in the long run, a great personal brand will lead clients to your doorstep. For agents interested in more than just the next deal, go the influencer route: showcase your listings, share client success stories and keep your clients in the loop on Instagram. Click here to learn more about building your personal brand as a property agent.App Store / Google PlayUseful as these apps and tools may be, they can never replace the skills and experience of a knowledgeable property agent. Stay in the know: sign up to receive helpful articles, new listings and market updates.

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