5 More EASY Ways to Find New Clients as a Property Agent in Hong Kong

  • OKAY.com | 11 January 2017

The topic of finding new clients is frequently discussed within the property community in Hong Kong, and because of the popularity of our first blog article on finding new clients, we wanted to give you 5 more easy ways to find new clients.

5 More Easy Ways to Find New Clients

1. Network

The most obvious of ways to find new clients is to regularly attend networking events both directly and indirectly related to your industry. Although this is an apparent option (especially in a social city like Hong Kong), you might not be going to as many events as you could, or getting the most out of them.

Say yes to as many invitations as you can to broaden your social network and talk to a lot of new people whether it be through cocktails, art gallery events, yoga or muay thai classes. Sign up for networking events and cocktails (which are often free, but also worth investing in).

Once you’re there, mingle! Too many people make the effort to attend an event, then are too shy to meet many people. Before going in, set a goal to meet a certain number of people (10, for example) and force yourself to do it! You’re not looking to sell anything, just meet people and learn about them and their business. Remembering to stock up on your business cards and following up is key - it’s important to remain top of mind!

When you’re speaking with someone, try to find a way to help them – ideally not relating to real estate. Perhaps you can introduce them to someone who could be a potential client. Or if they’re talking about food, suggest a great restaurant you know of. You could even introduce them to someone else you just met at the event. With that simple of a gesture, you’ve helped someone and created a new relationship!

2. Build Your Brand with Articles

Building a personal brand is essential for the success of your career. You should be regularly finding ways to stand out among your competitors. Having a strong brand presence allows your clients to come to you rather than you looking for them.

Taking the time to write an interesting article or blog post enables clients to trust you as a valuable source of information, and shows your credibility as an expert. These articles can be about a district in Hong Kong, commentary on market news, living or even moving to a big city. Set yourself apart by providing commentary that extend beyond property listings and pricing. Write about a wide range of property related topics as it will help distinguish you as an industry expert, not just another property agent.

If you have a profile on your company’s website, make sure your articles are posted there as well. Utilize their daily traffic to enhance your following.

3. Pick up the Phone

Nobody loves cold calling, but we all do it for a (very good) reason: IT WORKS. Calling a landlord will yield tremendous success for you in assessing market availability. A quick call not only allows you to inquire about the accessibility of their current property, but it also permits you to see if they own other properties that are yet to be listed. It also lets you find out if they are looking to buy or invest in other properties that you can help with.

There is always a way to find out the name of an owner. Try searching on Google, LinkedIn or even Facebook—you will be surprised at how quickly you can discover this type of information.

4. Search Forums

People utilize various discussion forums and virtual chat rooms to discuss numerous topics with the community. They rely on each other for help based on past experiences. This is the perfect way for you to apply your expertise and join a community. For example, AsiaXpat has 33,000+ forums on “Living or moving to Hong Kong” and 3,000+ on “Hong Kong Property and Finance.”

You’ll have to filter through the forums that aren’t about finding a property, but there are certainly posts from people actively looking for rent or purchase. Use this opportunity to offer your insight, and get in touch via private messages. People will appreciate your expertise and the time you took to assist.

5. Win and Market Sole Agencies

Securing a sole agency is great, it allows other landlords to take note on how you market other properties. Sole agency properties are heavily marketed whether it be through e-flyers, postcards or extra prominence on the agency website. When done in a professional manner, you have a higher chance of enquiry because of the enhanced marketing efforts. Sole agent agreements also encourage co-op agents to contact you directly allowing you to foster long term relationships with other agents. This is a win-win deal and truly benefits all parties involved.

We hope these tips have inspired you to build your business and develop your personal brand. Learning from the most successful professionals in the property industry will spark some creativity and enable you to grow.

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