5 Simple Ways to Find New Clients

  • OKAY.com | 30 November 2016

Finding new clients is always on a property agent’s mind. We’ve gathered some of the best ideas from the most successful agents from OKAY.com on how they create a consistent stream of new clients. These tips enable you to expand and strengthen your network while simultaneously generating more income. Although it’s equally important to take care of your existing clientele, gaining new customers can help establish you as an industry leader.

5 of the Best Ways to Find New Clients

1. Stay in Touch

The #1 way to find new clients is to keep in touch with your previous clients. Just because you’ve helped place them in their home, doesn’t mean the opportunity is gone. 90% of real estate clients say they would use the same agent again, but only 10% are ever contacted by their agent after the home is secured. A happy client will refer many of their friends if they remember you and it’s your job to make sure they do. The “close the deal and move on” mentality neglects the relationship aspect of this industry. Clients are not commodities, and ongoing communication is key to building a long-lasting relationship.

There are dozens of ways to stay present in your client’s minds, start immediately by finding ways to help them after the “deal” is done – when there’s nothing specific to be gained. Check-in with them 1-2 days after the handover, and then again 2-3 weeks later. Send them helpful articles on decorating their home, or where to shop for furniture, or even about a new restaurant in the area. This shows that you care about them as people, not as “transactions” that are forgotten about once completed.

One of the best ways to stay top of mind is to keep notes about your clients, things such as names of children, birthdays and special interests. Make sure to add these to your calendar and actually follow up with a birthday note, card or call. Clients will appreciate that you made the effort to remember them and will proactively contact you when they are ready to move or buy again. And they’ll rave about you to all their friends anytime a conversation about property comes up, which is all the time in Hong Kong.

2. Build a Personal Email List

If keeping the lines of communication open with your clients on an individual basis seems daunting, then create a monthly email or newsletter and send this to your clients all at once. You should naturally include your listings but should also incorporate short and thoughtful commentary. Your content can include recent success rates, current testimonials, perspective on the market or noteworthy experiences you’ve had with a client.

Ultimately, many agents focus on the “numbers game,” constantly trying to find more clients in hopes of an easy deal. But treating clients with a short-term mentality won’t work in the long run. Every highly successful professional (in any industry) spends time thinking about the long-term benefits before making any kind of investment.

Investing extra time into your clients by consistently communicating, will help transform you into a remarkable agent, achieving more success than you can imagine.

3. Take More (GREAT) Photos of Properties

Your property photos need to inspire potential buyers to act fast, and there are certain photography tricks that can amplify the beauty of your properties. Photography skills are something that can improve over time if you continually practice the art. There are many factors to keep in mind when taking pictures. Utilizing natural light and being mindful of angles are a few examples that can significantly improve the quality of your photos.

It has been proven that listings with professional property photos sell 32% faster than those shot by an amateur or by those that did not put enough effort into taking photos. It is helpful to look for agencies that provide training on photography.

Here at OKAY.com, we provide basic photography and photo editing training to all our agents but also continually encourage them to research online or even take independent courses. There are many ways to improve on your photography skills, be sure to take advantage of those opportunities. Great property photos generate new leads and strengthen the overall quality of your work.

4. Build Co-op Relationships

Co-op agents are your friends, not your enemies. Building a robust co-op network strengthens your reputation within the industry and helps brand you as a trustworthy source. Valuing co-op relationships means never circumventing them and always acting in a polite and professional manner. There are certain simple behaviors to keep in mind when working with another agent:

  • Sign a co-op letter on behalf of your company (if possible). This ensures that another agent on your team won’t try to circumvent your co-op agent by actively trying to find the direct landlord or owner
  • Share your own listings with them to build “two-way trust” and a mutually beneficial long-term relationship
  • Return keys promptly
  • Don’t pass your business card to the co-op’s client or landlord
  • If you have a sole agency or a great listing that you want to share, try stopping by some shops to distribute information, photos and the unique selling points of the property.
Work for a company that values integrity, including interactions with other agents in the industry. Make sure to read their co-op guidelines to ensure that you are maintaining the company values.

5. Be More Social

Social media continues to shape our daily lives, how we socialize, shop, stay informed, and spend our leisure time is often dictated by our social networks. Use the power of social media to your advantage by sharing relevant material pertinent to your industry. Sharing interesting articles and offering commentary is best when you don’t have time to write something on your own. Try sharing articles on Facebook and LinkedIn. It proves that you are current with industry news and establishes you as a professional who is very active in the industry.

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